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Gyms Reopening | What You Need To Know

We all know how important exercise is for our mental and physical health - lockdown has certainly highlighted just how necessary it is to get a daily walk, run, or workout into our routine. While gym lovers have been longing for their exercise havens to reopen, many people who may dismiss the gym are now looking to sign up either after a few too many biscuits while working from home or the desire to prolong the success of their lockdown fitness goals after seeing the impacts it has had on their sleep patterns and emotional wellbeing.

When do gyms reopen?

Gyms are set to reopen from April 12th 2021 across the UK and after a long and difficult year, this is being met with a mixture of emotions. With outdoor exercise and organised sports allowed from an earlier point of our lockdown-easing roadmap, there is an understandable reluctance from some people to workout indoors. So how safe are you going back to that aerobics studio or weights centre?

What gym owners want you to know


Gyms in general are very well ventilated areas, after all, could you imagine how unpleasant it would be if they weren’t? And by ventilation, we don’t mean the usual air recycling that you might be used to when you think of air conditioning in some shops or offices. The ventilation will vary from gym to gym so if you need some reassurance before you’re ready to jump back on the treadmill then you’re best to check your gym website, social media, or contact them directly.

Cleaning Routines

A well run gym should have always had good cleaning routines in place however the importance of this is now highlighted to everyone in a way it has never been before. Not only does that mean that most gyms are increasing the frequency and intensity of their cleaning regimes, but the gym goers will also feel more social responsibility to disinfect equipment and use hand sanitiser.
Any gym that is serious about infection prevention/control will be implementing staff training and well managed cleaning routines with products that are guaranteed to work! And of course the staff need to be valued, cared for and have the relevant PPE in order to feel safe in their workplace.

Capacity Limits & Rearrangements

Some gyms (depending on the size of the building) are putting capacity limits of 80% or less in order to make sure that their customers can workout while being socially distanced. Even for gyms that are already well spaced out, a capacity limit helps reduce risk of those busy areas such as narrow corridors or reception areas.
Your gym might look a bit different when you go back. This is just to try to limit how close you are to others when exercising - who knows, it might just help you focus more!

One way systems

We’re all getting used to one way systems now after these were implemented throughout most supermarkets - it might feel like a human game of Snake sometimes but it’s all for a good reason.
Depending on the layout of your gym, it might be necessary to have one way systems in place in certain areas. Do your best to follow them as best as you can so that the gym is a safe and happy place for everyone.

At Nexon we know how important these steps back to normality are. We have served our customers throughout lockdown with great success, providing important products and swift delivery throughout trying times. We have vast knowledge of a wide range of cleaning and healthcare products so please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions you have about usage or whether an item is the right one for the purpose you have in mind.