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Macmillan Coffee Morning

On the 6th October 2021 our office held a fantastic Macmillan Coffee Morning. At Nexon we love to support charities and we also love baking (and eating cakes) so this was something we truly couldn’t resist! Not only are our team incredibly skilled in their job roles, it turns out they could also be contestants on The Great British Bake Off. We had an array of tasty treats including Chocolate Fudge Cake, Brie and Cranberry Tart, Oreo Millionaire, Chocolate Mess (with Bueno and Chocolate Stars), and Custard Cream Blondies. Thank... Read More

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Flu Season 2021/22

While we’ve all adapted to stricter hygiene routines over the last two years, the upcoming flu season and the continuous infection rates of Covid-19 mean that the importance of this needs to remain in order for us to stay happy and healthy. With children back at school, many people returning to their workplaces and the increase in public transport use, we’re mixing with more people than we have done for a long time so we’re bound to get coughs and colds but there are certainly actions we can all take to... Read More

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Nano Touch – The Fragrance and Odour Neutraliser that Works through Touch

At Nexon, we love bringing you products that are innovative and effective and that’s why we love Nano Touch and we know that you will too. Unlike traditional fragrance sprays that may only last a short time after you’ve used them, Nano Touch is touch activated meaning you get to enjoy the scent for longer. Application of Nano Touch is quick and easy and can be brushed, dipped, or sprayed and is truly effective even over larger areas There is really no end to the uses for Nano Touch –... Read More


The Ideal PPE Storage Solution

Here at Nexon we are excited to introduce one of the latest additions to our product range – the PPE Storage Caddy. This PPE Storage Caddy is a great solution for keeping PPE supplies safe and tidy without the task of installing a wall fixture or navigating around a bulky stand. The caddy fits easily over any door with it’s powder coated hanging hooks which means it is easy to initially put in place but also very easy to move if necessary.  The caddy can hold any of your usual... Read More


UK “Freedom Day”

The final lockdown restrictions have been lifted from the UK today (19/07/2021) and there is certainly a mixed reaction to this momentous occasion. Whether you are excited to get back to normal or are remaining cautious, we all know that it’s wise to still keep infection control in mind. Of course infection control isn’t just about Covid-19 and our long standing customers in the Healthcare and Care Home sectors know this well enough from previous outbreaks such as norovirus, influenza (flu), and MRSA as some examples. Our general knowledge of... Read More

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Hygiene Do’s and Dont’s

Cleaning, hygiene, and infection control are some of the most important daily tasks and here at Nexon we understand that your routines are likely to vary depending on the sector you work in; however one element remains key – make sure you are using the right products and equipment for the right tasks! In this article we will cover a few areas of key information, tips and tricks, and give some further detail on some of our key products and their uses. One of the most important things to remember... Read More

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Gyms Reopening | What You Need to Know

We all know how important exercise is for our mental and physical health – lockdown has certainly highlighted just how necessary it is to get a daily walk, run, or workout into our routine. While gym lovers have been longing for their exercise havens to reopen, many people who may dismiss the gym are now looking to sign up either after a few too many biscuits while working from home or the desire to prolong the success of their lockdown fitness goals after seeing the impacts it has had on... Read More

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Coronavirus Guidelines

As the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak continues, please find the most up-to-date guidance for treatment, advice and further information and contact details on the PHE (Public Health England) website and the NHS website – A Coronavirus is a type of virus, that as a group, are quite common across the world. A fever, cough and headache are some of the most typical symptoms, but may lead to severe pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. The illness typically affects more severely people with weakened immune systems – such... Read More

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Keeping Healthcare Employees Healthy

Working within a care environment can be stressful. It can impact both the physical and mental well-being of staff members, however lots of people still choose the career because of how rewarding it can be. There are 1.5 million care workers within the UK, making up one of the largest workforce in Britain. Taking care of others – at work and at home – as well as working long hours can often lead to a poor work-life balance, as self-care can often fall to the bottom of the priority list.... Read More


Hosting a Bonfire Party at a Care Home

With Bonfire night approaching, some Care Homes are busily planning their annual fireworks event and party. These events often involve family members and friends of Care Home residents, bringing them together for an evening of celebrating November 5th. The most important thing to plan when hosting a Bonfire Night celebration at a care home is the safety of the residents – some of whom may have problems with their hearing, vulnerabilities to cold weather, or dementia. Make sure all residents are aware of the fireworks and have the option to... Read More