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Safety Equipment in a Care Home Bathroom

Bathroom safety essentials for Care Homes will vary from home to home. It will depend on what type of care home it is – residential or nursing – and the type of residents that live there. However, the most important thing about all types of care homes are that residents need to be safe and feel comfortable. This includes while they are using the bathroom, and there are a variety of different aids which can help them to stay safe while they are doing so. GRAB BARS When elderly people... Read More

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5 Tips For Keeping Sports Kits Clean

Nexon Group work with many Football Clubs, and all of them use our Saturo Laundry Chemicals to wash their football kits. The chemicals have been praised for getting tough stains out, especially on white fabrics. While using a good chemical system is important, it is also important to have a clear washing plan that can help you to achieve the best results. TIP ONE Sometimes, people like to pre-soak their football kits. With Saturo chemicals, the need to do this is eliminated, but some people prefer to soak them and... Read More

Nexon group awarded ISO14001 and ISO9001

Nexon Group has now been awarded the ISO14001 Certification as well as the ISO9001 Accreditation.                 ISO14001 is the Environmental Management System Accreditation in recognition of continually improving environmental performance. At Nexon, we have reduced the environmental impact while growing our business – ultimately achieving sustainable success. ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation has been held by Nexon for a number of years and the new award brings us up to date with current standards.  This important accreditation has been awarded in recognition of Nexon... Read More

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The Dirtiest Places in your Care Home – and how to keep them Clean!

Even with regular cleaning, it is normal for germs in a care home to gather and spread – with the amount of residents living there, some of whom may carry more germs due to lowered immune systems, there is potential to have a higher germ rate than in other areas. Kitchen sinks and work surfaces – Kitchen sinks and work surfaces, although they may look clean and clear, are one of the places in a care home that carry the highest amount of germs. The bacteria has the potential to... Read More


The Most Used Types of PPE

PPE is the name given to items of equipment or clothing which is worn to protect both the wearer and the person receiving the treatment/service. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is worn to protect both the wearer from chemicals and harmful substances, as well as protect their clothes and uniform from anything that could stain or damage them. It protects the person receiving the treatment from any infection or diseases. Gloves Disposable gloves have a number of uses – they can be used when treating patients in a care home, while... Read More


Hand Soap Dispenser Buyer’s guide

As many may know, keeping hands clean is one of the main ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. With cleanliness being a top priority in restaurants, offices, hotels or healthcare facilities, businesses are providing staff and guests with a way to effectively wash and sanitise their hands. Soap dispensers help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria – a reason why some people may prefer liquid soap over a shared bar of soap. Because many types of dispensers are available, you can use a wide variety of... Read More

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The importance of COSHH

WHY IS COSHH TRAINING SO IMPORTANT? COSHH is the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, and any professional organisation that use or have substances which are hazardous to health, have a legal responsibility to provide information to prevent or reduce workers’ exposure to these substances. The overall purpose of the COSHH regulations is to minimise the risks which are associated with particular substances harmful to the health of any employee or employer. This will then reduce the number of people made ill through exposure to harmful substances. WHY WAS COSHH... Read More

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What is an auto-dose system?

Auto dosing is an automated process of feeding chemicals to the laundry equipment, and is the ideal way to ensure the correct dose of chemical at the right time during the wash. It uses a controlled measure of chemicals to achieve optimum and desired results. WHAT ARE THE FEATURES? There are between 1 and 20 bespoke programmes There is a reporting suite available, with built in reports It is a fool-proof operation! Easily able to prime from the handset Minimal wiring to the machine Free tube changes and servicing WHAT... Read More

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The importance of a welcoming care home

Why is it important that care homes have a warm and welcoming environment? One of the most crucial factors to consider is how the furnishings look and feel. Creating a homely and welcoming environment will support the well-being of people in a care home. Familiar surroundings can help people to feel calmer and more comfortable. If you have a family looking at prospective care homes for their loved ones, they will be more inclined to choose one that doesn’t look overly clinical and cold. A homely aesthetic can immediately make... Read More