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Coronavirus Guidelines

As the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak continues, please find the most up-to-date guidance for treatment, advice and further information and contact details on the PHE (Public Health England) website and the NHS website – A Coronavirus is a type of virus, that as a group, are quite common across the world. A fever, cough and headache are some of the most typical symptoms, but may lead to severe pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. The illness typically affects more severely people with weakened immune systems – such... Read More

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Keeping Healthcare Employees Healthy

Working within a care environment can be stressful. It can impact both the physical and mental well-being of staff members, however lots of people still choose the career because of how rewarding it can be. There are 1.5 million care workers within the UK, making up one of the largest workforce in Britain. Taking care of others – at work and at home – as well as working long hours can often lead to a poor work-life balance, as self-care can often fall to the bottom of the priority list.... Read More


Hosting a Bonfire Party at a Care Home

With Bonfire night approaching, some Care Homes are busily planning their annual fireworks event and party. These events often involve family members and friends of Care Home residents, bringing them together for an evening of celebrating November 5th. The most important thing to plan when hosting a Bonfire Night celebration at a care home is the safety of the residents – some of whom may have problems with their hearing, vulnerabilities to cold weather, or dementia. Make sure all residents are aware of the fireworks and have the option to... Read More

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Prepare Your Care Home for Spring!

With less than a month to go until the official start of spring, the sun is already shining and temperatures are creeping up! Care homes must be cleaned daily as due to the nature of the environment, germs can spread quickly, which can put residents at risk if they are more prone to developing illnesses. It is important to have a regular cleaning schedule, and ensure all staff members follow it so that the care home stays clean, hygienic and a welcoming environment that residents enjoy. Here are a few... Read More

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Keeping Commercial Floors Clean

Commercial kitchen floors need to be cleaned every day – and for particularly busy sites, after every service, should there be a break part way through the day. They also require deep cleans as regularly as once per week – depending on how much the kitchens are used. Customers eating in a restaurant where the kitchen has not been cleaned are at risk of developing illnesses such as food poisoning from bacteria, and there is also an increased risk of the premises having a fire if it is not kept... Read More

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Keeping Floors Clean in High Traffic Areas

In a busy environment, such as a care home, office or school, there are generally some areas that are carpeted. Keeping carpets clean when they are in such high traffic areas can seem like a challenge. Vacuuming daily can really help this, as well as encouraging staff members and residents to wipe their feet on door mats. Bad weather during the winter can also have detrimental effects on carpets, as well as what may be on the bottoms of shoes! Every entrance should have large matting to try and catch... Read More


Choosing the right refuse sacks

TYPE OF WASTE The first step to selecting the right type of refuse sack is determining whether the waste will go to a landfill or compost site. If this is compost waste then you are going to require a compostable sack. However if this is landfill, there are different sacks according to waste type: Heavy duty sacks – suitable for industrial waste with heavy usage such as factory and catering waste. Medium/ light duty sacks – suitable for general or domestic waste such as offices and households. If this is part of a... Read More

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Thank You!

Nexon Group would like to thank all of our customers, both new and long-standing, for their continued custom and support throughout 2018, and look forward to continuing to develop these partnerships during 2019. We are pleased to assist with improving quality through our laundry, housekeeping and catering chemical solutions to our customers in a wide variety of industries, and are excited to see the innovation grow in to 2019 with our cutting edge products, revolutionary training and servicing and exclusive dosing systems. Nexon Group are delighted to have welcomed this... Read More


What to consider when buying a cleaning trolley

One overlooked cleaning equipment to enable these efficiencies is a housekeeping trolley. Every time a cleaner has to walk back to the cleaning cupboard to get different chemicals, more toilet rolls, or a mop bucket, a lot of time is lost in what can already be a very tight time schedule. Housekeeping trolleys enable staff to be more efficient – they are sufficiently lightweight and easy to push while also housing a wide variety of tools, chemicals and waste disposal facilities. This gives staff flexibility to carry a range of... Read More

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Safety Equipment in a Care Home Bathroom

Bathroom safety essentials for Care Homes will vary from home to home. It will depend on what type of care home it is – residential or nursing – and the type of residents that live there. However, the most important thing about all types of care homes are that residents need to be safe and feel comfortable. This includes while they are using the bathroom, and there are a variety of different aids which can help them to stay safe while they are doing so. GRAB BARS When elderly people... Read More